Sophia 16CH CVR (SCVR2116HG)


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Compression Standard H.264(High Profile)
Encode Capability 4*720P@15fps 8*720P@15fps or 1*720P@30fps+7*720P@15fps 16*720P@15fps or 1*720P@30fps+12*720P@15fps 4*720P@15fps 8*720P@15fps or 1*720P@30fps+7*720P@15fps 16*720P@15fps or 1*720P@30fps+12*720P@15fps
Decode Capability
(play back) 4*720P@15fps 8*720P@15fps 16*720P@15fps 4*720P@15fps 8*720P@15fps 16*720P@15fps
Multi-mode Input 4*720P/4*960H/4*D1
IPC: MAX 2*1080P CVI:8*720P/8*960H/8*D1
IPC: MAX 4*1080P CVI:16*720P/16*960H/16*D1
IPC: MAX 4*1080P CVI:4*720P/4*960H/4*D1
IPC: MAX 2*1080P CVI:8*720P/8*960H/8*D1
IPC: MAX 4*1080P CVI:16*720P/16*960H/16*D1
IPC: MAX 4*1080P
Output 1*VGA, 1*HDMI
Frame Rate PAL:1~25F/S; NTSC:1~30F/S
Code Stream 1536Kbps~4096Kbps,720P和1080P Default 2M Stream, MAX 4M Stream
Image Resolution 1080P/720P/960H/D1/HD1/2CIF/CIF/QCIF; Support dual-stream
Display Split 1ch/ 4ch 1ch /4ch /8ch /9ch 1ch /4ch /8ch /9ch /16ch 1ch /4ch 1ch /4ch /8ch /9ch 1ch /4ch /8ch /9ch /16ch


Input 1*RCA Interface
Output 1*RCA Interface
Compression Standard G.711A, G.711U, PCM
Two-way Support Mic in, Mic out
Bit Rate 8KHz,16Bit
Code Rate 64Kbps


HDD Quantity Support 1* SATA Interface Support 2* SATA Interface
HDD Management Each HDD MAX 4T
Functions Record Mode AUTO Record, Manual Record, Motion Detection Record, Alarm Record
Record Circulation Support circulation overwrite recording

Playback Mode

Suooprt multiple slow playback, multiple fast playback, manual single frame playback, inverted playback, etc.
Multiple Channel Playback Support 1ch, 2ch, 3ch, 4ch, 8ch, 16ch synch-playback
Privacy Masking Support Max. 4 zones in one screen (each zone no size limitation)
Motion Detection Zone Setting: 396 (PAL 22×18 NTSC 22×15);
Detection Sensitivity Setting: Multiple Level of Sensitivity
Linkage Record, External Alarm, Popup Screen Tip
Organise/Withdraw Defence 6 periods of time per day
Log Query Max.1024 log on shown, Support searching log information based on the time and type
Backup Mode Support HDD, CD writer and USB device storage and backup
Interface USB 2*USB 2.0 interface (one in front panel, one in back panel or 2 in back panel)


1*RJ45 interface, 100M Ethernet interface
RS485 1* RS485 Interface
Alarm Alarm Prerecord Max. 30 seconds
General Power Supply DC 12V
Power Consumption ≤15W(with Adapter, without HDD)
Working Temperature -10℃~+55℃
Working Humidity 10%~90%
Barometric Pressure 86kpa~106kpa
Dimension 258mmX42mmX232mm 335mmX54mmX270mm
Weight 1.35Kg~1.65kg(without HDD) 1.9Kg~2.35kg(without HDD)
Installation Desk

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SystemMain ProcessorIndustrial Embedded Microprocessor 
Operating SeriesEmbedded LINUX System
Operation InterfaceGraphical User Interface(GUI)
LanguageSimplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, English, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, French, German, Portuguese,
Turkey, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Finnish, Hebrew, Brazil, Persian, Arabian, Czech republic,
Bulgaria, Slovakia, the Netherlands, Greece, Indonesia, Switzerland, Vietnamese, Thai,Korean,Yugoslavia
VideoCompression StandardH.264(High Profile)
Encode Capability4*720P@15fps 8*720P@15fps or 1*720P@30fps+7*720P@15fps16*720P@15fps or 1*720P@30fps+12*720P@15fps4*720P@15fps 8*720P@15fps or 1*720P@30fps+7*720P@15fps16*720P@15fps or 1*720P@30fps+12*720P@15fps
Decode Capability
(play back)
4*720P@15fps 8*720P@15fps16*720P@15fps4*720P@15fps 8*720P@15fps16*720P@15fps
Multi-mode Input4*720P/4*960H/4*D1
IPC: MAX 2*1080P
IPC: MAX 4*1080P
IPC: MAX 4*1080P
IPC: MAX 2*1080P
IPC: MAX 4*1080P
IPC: MAX 4*1080P
Output1*VGA, 1*HDMI
Frame RatePAL:125F/S; NTSC:130F/S
Code Stream1536Kbps4096Kbps,720P1080P Default 2M Stream, MAX 4M Stream
Image Resolution1080P/720P/960H/D1/HD1/2CIF/CIF/QCIF; Support dual-stream
Display Split 1ch/ 4ch1ch /4ch /8ch /9ch1ch /4ch /8ch /9ch /16ch1ch /4ch1ch /4ch /8ch /9ch1ch /4ch /8ch /9ch /16ch
AudioInput1*RCA Interface
Output1*RCA Interface
Compression StandardG.711A, G.711U, PCM
Two-waySupport Mic in, Mic out
Bit Rate8KHz,16Bit
Code Rate64Kbps
Storage HDD QuantitySupport 1* SATA InterfaceSupport 2* SATA Interface
HDD ManagementEach HDD MAX 4T
FunctionsRecord ModeAUTO Record, Manual Record, Motion Detection Record, Alarm Record
Record CirculationSupport circulation overwrite recording
Playback ModeSuooprt multiple slow playback, multiple fast playback, manual single frame playback, inverted playback, etc. 
Multiple Channel PlaybackSupport 1ch, 2ch, 3ch, 4ch, 8ch, 16ch synch-playback
Privacy MaskingSupport Max. 4 zones in one screen (each zone no size limitation)
Motion DetectionZone Setting: 396 (PAL 22×18  NTSC 22×15);
Detection Sensitivity Setting: Multiple Level of Sensitivity
Linkage Record, External Alarm, Popup Screen Tip
Organise/Withdraw Defence 6 periods of time per day
Log QueryMax.1024 log on shown,  Support searching log information based on the time and type 
Backup Mode Support HDD,  CD writer and USB device storage and backup 
InterfaceUSB2*USB 2.0 interface (one in front panel, one in back panel or 2 in back panel)
Network1*RJ45 interface, 100M Ethernet interface
RS4851* RS485 Interface
AlarmAlarm PrerecordMax. 30 seconds
GeneralPower SupplyDC 12V
Power Consumption15Wwith Adapter, without HDD
Working Temperature-10℃~+55
Working Humidity10%90%
Barometric Pressure86kpa106kpa
Dimension258mmX42mmX232mm 335mmX54mmX270mm 
Weight1.35Kg1.65kgwithout HDD1.9Kg2.35kgwithout HDD

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